Friday, December 16, 2005

Please Read, Very Important

I want to post this as printed because it is important for you to read the entire post from this soldier.

Reprinted Letter From A Soldier In Iraq

I am ANGRY because at 0910 on September 11, 2001, I saw the smoke rising from the Pentagon from the streets of Washington, D.C.

I am ANGRY because I have been sent to a place thousands of miles from home only to have my country quarrel about why I am here.

I am ANGRY because I have spent the last three years either in Iraq or preparing to return to Iraq.

I am ANGRY because I have lost both American and Iraqi friends, lost a marriage, have been wounded by the enemy, and have missed the births and deaths of close family while deployed away from home.

I am ANGRY because politicians quibble about why I am here and when I should return.

I am ANGRY because many across our great nation are so blinded by ideological differences that they cannot see reality.

I am ANGRY because so many Americans take their freedom for granted.

I am ANGRY because many more Americans will die in the years ahead. They will die because the world is rapidly becoming a more dangerous place than ever before.

I am ANGRY because nowadays, a small group of people can destroy thousands of lives with very little equipment.

I am ANGRY because the WEST actually thinks that by leaving the Middle East, we will somehow win or that the problem of terrorism will somehow go away.

I am ANGRY because those who sent me here cannot adequately and eloquently articulate why I am here.

I am ANGRY because I see that the progress made in Iraq thus far has been undermined and unpublicized thru the American media.

I am ANGRY because Congressman Murtha, a distinguished Veteran, should know better than to withdraw now. He should know that the Vietnamese Communists were different than the terrorist betrayers of Islam. Congressman Murtha should know that the threat is different and the threat is real.

I am ANGRY because we are working our asses off and are making a real difference, a difference that will lead to our desired Iraqi end state if we are allowed to continue.

I am ANGRY because I know that it won't be enough for me to say I did my best, I worked my hardest, I did a lot of good.

I am ANGRY because those Americans who think that they can be for the troops and against the war are betraying the very troops they profess to support by giving our enemy hope.


Despite my ANGER, on this eve of the Iraqi National Election, I am hopeful and I pray that GOD will help us to prevail.

I will be out at the polling sites tomorrow and am extremely proud to be a part of this historic day.

Very respectfully yours,

Luis Carlos Montalvan, First Lieutenant
3rd U.S. Cavalry
Tal Afar, Iraq

Reprinted from an email from Dave Hollenbeck

h/t: A Female Soldier 2

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