Tuesday, January 24, 2006

O Canada

Seems Canadians are as tired of the liberal party as we seem to be. Stephen Harper and the Conservative party won not only Prime Minister, but also as many as 122 seats in Parliament.
The Conservative victory ended more than a decade of Liberal Party rule and shifted the traditionally liberal country to the right on socio-economic issues such as health care, taxation, abortion and gay marriage.

Many Canadians had grown weary of the broken promises and corruption scandals under the Liberal Party and were apparently willing to give Harper the benefit of doubt, despite fears the 46-year-old economist was too extreme in his views opposing abortion and gay marriage.

During the campaign, Harper pledged to cut the red tape in social welfare programs, lower the national sales tax from 7 percent to 5 percent and grant more autonomy and federal funding to Canada's 13 provinces and territories.
Congratulations to our Northern neighbors and may the next years bring great changes for the Canadian people.
Fox News

Michelle Malkin has more.

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