Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Fantasy Ends

In May, President Bartlet will be ending his overly long term as the President in the liberal political heaven called The West Wing. I really enjoyed this show when it first started, but something happened to Martin Sheen somewhere along the way. It was almost as if he believed he were really the president! Delusions of grandeur, I suppose.

A strong cast made this show a winner during the early years, but the show's ratings have really been suffering in the last couple of years. Suffering to such an extent that there is no saving it. I'm sure that the death of actor John Spencer, was part of the decision to cancel as his character, Leo McGarry, really was one of the cornerstone of the show.

It is somewhat of an end to an era, though I can't say I'm sorry to see "President Bartlet's" fall from power. But I'm sure that Martin Sheen will find infinite ways to keep himself in the spotlight.

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