Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Care And Feeding Of Moonbats

Mr. Right at The Right Place has an excellent article for all of those who may have purchased (or adopted) a moonbat this holiday season. There is very important information on care and feeding, as well as a brief history of the moonbat.
The Responsible Pet Owner

The first, most important thing for all responsible moonbat owners to do is to have their pets spayed or neutered immediately to help control the moonbat population. This is especially important during election cycles, as they tend to go into heat at such times. Attempts to increase their numbers can be loud, obnoxious and quite dangerous to civilized societies. Remember, the world has more than enough moonbats already, so be responsible and help us to keep their numbers in check.
So please be sure to read the entire article as it may be mean the difference between lunacy and sanity for your family. Protect the ones you love.

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