Monday, January 30, 2006

A Moving Tribute

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles has written a most loving and beautiful tribute to a fallen Marine and the family who loves him.
He was buried in a cemetery next to a church a long way down a country road on the outskirts of a very small southern town.

This middle-of-no-where place is familiar to most of us Americans. You probably have a place very similar to it down the road and over the hill from where you are. Hundreds of people came to this middle-of-no-where place to pay respects to the man who was killed in service to his country.

Law enforcement officers escorted the horse drawn caisson from the church to the cemetery. Dozens of other law enforcement officers attended out of friendship and respect for the service he had given to his community. A group of military veteran bikers stood guard at the entrance of the cemetery.

And the Marines ….

The Marines honored him with the dignity, ceremony and respect fitting this fallen Marine.

This man was respected and emulated by his sons, adored by his daughters, loved and admired by his parents and siblings, and held in high esteem by his community.

His wife cherished him. And he cherished her.

A life well lived, ended too soon.
Beth describes him not only as a noble Marine, but as a common man. "A common man who holds this country together." Her post is one that everybody should read.

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