Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Bad Move

UPDATE: 1/27/06 Good ol' Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein have jumped on the band wagon with the Massachusetts "K" boys. But they still won't have a chance since there are at least three Democrats who have said they will vote for Alito and several who, though they won't vote for Alito, said they will not support a filibuster, including, believe it or not, Dick Durbin!

John Kerry doesn't know when to quit. He has called for filibuster against the Samuel Alito nomination. I have no idea what he thinks this will accomplish as there is no legitimate reason to filibuster. He is making himself and his party look like idiots especially after Alito gained enough backing by Democrats to up the "ayes" to 60 which will squash the filibuster before it even starts. Not a smart move. Kerry is only making himself look worse than he did before.

Stop the ACLU

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