Saturday, January 21, 2006

Childish Glee

Seems our "friends" at Code Pink fell down on the job and lost out on their protest corner in front of Walter Reed Hospital. Poor, poor babies! Nah, nah, nah! Somehow, someone forgot to renew their permit for that corner, so our friends at Protest Warrior and Free Republic picked it up! For the first time, in a very long time, the wounded soldiers did NOT have to look at those nasty signs and listen to the shrill cries from those hideous people. You know the ones...the ones who claim to hate the war but support the troops. The ones who hold up signs that say things like "Mothers don't let your children grow up to be killers" or "Special Package Deal! Join the military and get a free body bag!" And yes, it's the same group who just lauded Jack Murtha this way:
We presented him with our pink badge of courage and pink flowers sent by CODEPINK members nationwide. Rep Murtha was very appreciative of these gestures as he has been receiving many responses to his public denouncement of the war.
To see the latest pictures and more in depth coverage see Tom's articles at Warm & Fuzzy Conserva-Puppies or The Red Hunter

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