Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I feel like I need to take another day off from the news. Edward Kennedy drives me crazy! The questions of Vanguard and the controversial Princeton group CAP have been asked (repeatedly) and answered (repeatedly).

Alito states that he should have recused himself from the Vanguard case despite the ruling of the case being exactly the same as when he ruled on it. Kennedy spent several minutes trying to get Alito to give him an amount of time he had meant to keep his promise to the Judicial committee. Does it make a difference? No!

What possible difference do these things make now? You can't tell me that Kennedy never signed up for something that he finds out later was not what he thought it was! Most people have done it. I made donations to Greenpeace and then found out how the operated (terrorist tactics). I no longer made any donations, but that didn't stop Greenpeace from sending me their literature. It simply would go in the trash.

My point is, what difference does it make? I do not believe that Alito is lying about the Princeton group and that he did not know they were so controversial and he admitted that he was wrong about not recusing himself from the Vanguard case. It is as Senator Grassley said, "There are some who are beating a dead horse."

Kennedy wants papers released from the Library of Congress in regards to the Princeton group and asked Alito if he had a problem with that. Alito doesn't care one way or the other because he isn't lying and there will be nothing about him in those papers. Here is why it doesn't matter how much of a dust-up Kennedy makes about this. Even if Alito knew what "Concerned Alumni of Princeton" was really about, his record as a judge proves that he is neither a bigot nor a sexist.

Personally, I think Kennedy is a has-been and is doing whatever he can to make himself seem more important than he actually is. He is trying to put importance on issues that really have no bearing on what kind of Supreme Court Justice Alito will make. But then, I don't believe that Alito is lying and apparently Kennedy thinks that he is.

UPDATE: Well, I'm not the only one with this viewpoint. Seems Judie Brown of The Conservative Voice feels much the same way. She writes about it in her article here.

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