Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Wiretap This"

Patrick O'Hannigan of American Thinker has the most wonderful post regarding the NSA wire-tapping story. It is a very well written piece with a 40's Sam Spade flavor. It's called Wiretap This.
She wasn’t much for knocking. With her figure, she didn’t need to be. She swept into my office on a perfumed wave of good posture and practiced indignation, looking like six feet of perturbed. I put down the Wall Street Journal and pulled my feet off the desk, admiring her hair.

Her blouse was demurely buttoned and her skirt was executive length, but the look in her eye was the one that had earned my squad more pushups than I cared to remember when I’d gift-wrapped it for a drill instructor in my wastrel youth.

I hadn’t shined my shoes and it was too late to look busy. She didn’t care. It wasn’t my idleness that had furrowed the skin over her perfect nose.

“What can I do for you?” I asked.

“I think George Bush is after me,” she said. “I think he tapped my phone.”...
I'll leave it to you to go read the rest as it is well worth it! Patrick O'Hannigan, you have a way with words, sir!

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