Monday, February 27, 2006

Uh - Oh, the Bible as Literature

I am so completely disgusted by the ACLU. (I know, I know, what else is new?) They fight for child pornography and NAMBLA as free speech, yet they would stifle a class teaching the Bible as literature because it is in school. They're favored mantra of "separation of church and state" raises its ugly head again. Why is it freedom of speech for "animated child" pornography and NAMBLA literature, but a Bible cannot be taught as literature? This is very confusing for me. There is no preaching, it is a simple literature class that happens to deal with the Bible. Would it be okay if it was a class on the literature of the Torah or the Koran or would it be okay if it was Mein Kampf? Sadly, it probably would be okay according to the ACLU.

Here's something that confuses me even more. I went to a state and federally funded college and according to the graduation requirements (granted this was a while ago) I had to take two classes in Black Studies, one class in Women's Studies and two classes in Religious Studies. This is what confuses me, the ACLU doesn't go after colleges and universities, even when they are govenmentally funded, when they teach about religion or the Bible. Why is that? I could understand if I had gone to religously based private colleges, but I didn't. Oh, that's right, it's because the classes on religion were about disproving religion, especially Christianity. I took these two courses. 1) Jesus and the Gospels - disproving the validity of the Gospels and their depiction of Jesus's life due to their being written 30 to 60 years after Jesus's death. And 2) The History of the Bible - the entire class picked apart the stories of the Bible to prove that they could not have happened as depicted because of the geographical history of that area. (i.e. - Moses could not have parted the Red Sea because at the time Moses lived, the area where he "parted it" was nothing but swamp land.) So, you see, the ACLU wouldn't have a problem with these government funded classes because they dispute Christianity.

Anyway, the latest is that the ACLU is sniffing around a high school that offers a class on the Bible as literature. The teacher is not preaching and the class is always filled, but the ACLU is sensing something suspicious...I'm sure we'll be hearing about a suit against this school district soon.

For further information on this particular case read Jay's post The ACLU - Saving our Children from the Bible at Stop the ACLU.

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