Monday, February 06, 2006

Open and Honest

These are not two words that most of us would ever use to describe anything the ACLU is involved with and their ad in USA Today does nothing to change this. They are demanding an "open and honest" investigation into the NSA spying. They really don't care what the President and others have stated repeatedly. The so-called spying is not domestic spying. They are targeting Al-Qaeda operatives. These are people who do not have America's interests at heart. These are people who would like to wipe us off the face of the planet. If they are here in our own country, I want them found and dealt with and if that means they have their phone calls to their Al-Qaeda handlers listened in on, GOOD! I don't want to have another 9/11 and have another 3,000 people die for no reason. But that doesn't seem to be the ACLU agenda. They would like to have Al-Qaeda left alone so they can do whatever they would like. You can be assured though, that should another 9/11 or even any type of terrorist act happen in the U.S. again, it will be the Bush Administration's fault. It will have nothing to do with the ACLU and their ilk demanding secrets in security be revealed for their own nafarious purposes. I often wonder just who's side the ACLU and their friends are on because it certainly isn't ours!
As the Senate Judiciary Committee met today to conduct the first official Congressional oversight hearing on the warrantless National Security Agency wiretapping program, the American Civil Liberties Union urged Senators to ask tough questions of the sole witness, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and reject the administration’s claim that the operation is both legal and necessary.

“President Bush, like all presidents, is bound by the rule of law,” said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. “The Senate Judiciary Committee must vigorously fulfill its responsibility to America by asking tough questions of the attorney general. While Mr. Gonzales gave the go-ahead on the illegal spying program when he worked for the president in the White House, he now has a different role as the country’s highest law enforcement official tasked with upholding the nation’s laws. If he can’t exercise an independent review of the executive, he should step aside and appoint a special counsel who can do an independent review. The administration should stop trying to justify this illegal program. No one in America is above the law.”
They do not care about the truth, they want the Bush Administration in general and George Bush in particular, strung up for the ACLU's own paranoid conspiracy theories. Hey ACLU, I've got a little bit of news for you....WE ARE AT WAR! HELLO?!!

Oh, and will someone please smack Arlen Specter to wake him up?!

Stop the ACLU

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