Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ah, Technology

With email, text messaging and blogs, information goes global in seconds. Apparently, this is how the Islamists who are protesting were notified to get out there and riot. Seems that a mass text message was sent out by an anonymous source stating that the Koran was going to be burned in City Hall Square in Copenhagen. It wasn't true and it didn't happen, but the word spread like wildfire. A radical Islamic website called for an embassy burning day, which unfortunately did happen. Then there is this lovely anonymous mass email that has gone around the Middle East: "The Danish cartoons are a design by the Jews and Americans to drive a wedge between Europe and the Islamic world."

Condoleeza Rice calls out Syria and Iran for exacerbating the situation for their own gain. Could the anonymous source be traced back to one of these countries? It's very possible. Is this crazy, or what?

Not only did technology aid in getting truth and lies about the cartoons around the world, it has also offered hackers an excuse to break in to hundreds of Danish weblogs and websites to post protests and threats. I wonder if those who post known lies and threats will realize that we are onto them...nah, they probably know, and I'm sure they don't care.


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