Monday, February 13, 2006


I simply do not understand why it is so important for the MSM to have exactly how and when the President found out about the accidental shooting and why weren't they (the MSM) notified immediately. It was an accident and luckily the man is okay! Now, drop it! We are at war. In the big scheme of things is this accidental incident more important than what is going on in Iraq or the situation in Iran or Afghanistan?

The MSM is absolutely livid that they were not notified immediately after the incident occurred and they are still referring to it as Cheney shot the man. It was a peppering of bird shot not a drive by shooting with the intent to kill! Get over it people! One "reporter" just compared the lateness of information about the shooting to the lateness of the news in regards to the breaking of the levees! How ridiculous is that?

A half an hour of questioning about the incident at the White House briefing and Scott McClellan could not get the reporters to move on to questions about other, if I may say, more important issues. I feel bad about the guy getting hit. I am very glad that he is okay. But what makes this incident more important? Why does this have the ability to so completely anger the MSM that they have a feeding frenzy at the briefing?

People, can we please get back on track here? There are riots going on all over the place over cartoons, there is a mad man trying to get his hands on a nuclear weapon, and they should really take precidence over the accidental bird shot spray of a friend of the Vice President. I am not making light of the incident, but the man is okay, now MOVE ALONG!

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