Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tiffany Teske Photography

There is a nostalgic quality in Tiffany Teske’s photo images as though looking through an old-fashioned camera. Themes of tastefully nude women, pregnant mothers-to-be, and domestic life make up the majority of the work seen in her Etsy online shop.

Tiffany makes and sells a number of different items, including Polaroid Transfers, Polaroid Emulsion Lifts, Black and White Prints, Hand-colored Prints, Color Prints, Sepia Prints, Cards, and Jewelry. She also has Gift Certificates available if you don’t see something you want right away but you like her style.

“Love Grows” is an original Polaroid Image Transfer, an interesting process that
begins with the image on slide film. The slide is then projected onto Polaroid pack film which is peeled prematurely. The “waste” side of the film pack, which contains processing chemicals, is then placed face down onto wet watercolor paper and brayed (rolled over with a print making brayer). The result is a one-of-a-kind hand-pulled photographic transfer of the original slide image. The original image can be transferred an unlimited number of times but the resulting transfer will always vary from the last. Each transfer is approximately 3 ½” by 4” in size and is hand signed (both on the image and the mat). This transfer comes with a hand cut, acid free, museum quality archival mat, which has outer dimensions of 8x10.

I particularly like this one, “Merlot, the Winemaker’s Dog” taken in the Hunter Valley region of Australia. She was traveling the East Coast and Australian outback at this time. The photo is a true black and white print flush mounted onto 8x10 4 ply archival mat board. The dog has almost a feral look to it, but may be a Jack Russel or mixed with Smooth Fox Terrier.

The artist was first introduced to photography when she received a camera as a child with which to take pictures on a family trip. She became enamored of this medium almost immediately; then went on to continue learning to use the darkroom after school from her high school science teacher.

Tiffany received a Bachelor of Arts Joint BA in Art and Photography (Magna cum Laude) in 2002 from the University of Maine at Augusta.

She has traveled around the country taking pictures; to Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, & New York, and then to Ontario, Canada where she met her husband.

The family now lives in Banff, Alberta, Canada and has a little girl.

To buy a card or gift from her store and to see the full range of what she has in stock check out Tiffany Teske.
(The last photo is called "Sisters" and I had to include it because it reminds me of my daughters!)

Article written by Pippit.

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