Saturday, October 13, 2007


Abbi Caricco of Lunachick Designs specializes in chainmaille and sterling silver wirework designs with gemstone accents. She always looks for the most unique and unusual gemstones she can find to make her pieces even more original. Each of her designs combines quality materials, including natural gems, precious metals, crystal and organics such as pearls, amber and shell, to make for a truly unique wearing experience.

Chainmaille amazes me. I sometimes struggle with the jumprings on my bracelets and yet Abbi and artisans like her create the most beautiful pieces with a simple set of pliers and jump rings! Yet there is really nothing simple about any of it.

Take this piece which is in the Byzantine weave:

She also uses weaves such as European 4-in-1, Japanese Honeycomb or this piece in Full Persian:

And this necklace in which she created each clover by hand and added the beautiful stones to make her "Cerridwen Necklace" a truly one of a kind original.

Abbi uses a wide range of materials for jump rings including rubber, titanium, stainless steel, Aluminum, and Sterling Silver.

To see more of the artist’s work and treat yourself or someone else to a one of a kind treasure, go to her Etsy shop: Lunachick.
And to see what else she might be up to, don't forget to check out her blog: Lunachick Designs.

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