Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Plastic Pumpkin Designs

Ren Adams of Plastic Pumpkin Designs draws and paints with an intriguing mix of both Eastern and Western influence evident in her work. From bright and bold to impressionistic gesture-type renderings of bamboo and other traditional Chinese images, she has two distinctly different styles. In addition to Chinese Brush Painting she works in watercolor, oil pastel, pen and ink, pencil, marker, and a variety of other mediums, with close attention to detail through each. Each of her paintings is rich with symbolism.

Interestingly, her Chinese Brush Paintings are signed under the name An Rui Ning which is her Chinese name.

Being a Taoist, and practicing Qi Gong, a form of meditation, her art fits this spiritual path. Creating art is essential to her total fulfillment and she would not feel at harmony without it; it comes as naturally as a fish to water.

In her original Chinese Brush Painting on rice paper, “Trio of Sea Nettles” the dualities of danger and delicateness, a recurring theme of yin and the yang, are manifest within the same creatures able to sting, yet at the same time soft, streamlined, and pliable to the touch. This contradiction reflects our own quest to stay connected, man’s oneness with (and possibly his struggle with) the Universe.

In her painting, “It will Be OK” a soothing sky blue background creates an ambiance of comfort rising up from the very earth itself, with the traditional Chinese symbols of strength, uprightness, reliability, and flexibility in the sheltering arms of bamboo branches. A tree speckled with Plum Blossoms seems to be reaching outward like a hand, opening, striving toward light.

In contrast to the previous gentle strength exhibited in “It Will Be OK”, is the exuberant power of the oil pastel original, entitled, “Red Persimmons”, its intensity commanding your attention, rotund, fiery red orbs nearly brimming, as though it might burst out of its skin at any moment.

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ren is a member of the Duke City Renegades Art Guild, the New Mexico Watercolor Society and the New Mexico Pastel Society.

She accepts custom orders, ships worldwide, and is willing to arrange layaway on purchases of $100 or more. This vibrant collection is a feast for the eyes, and for the soul. To see and/or purchase more of this artist's work, go to her Etsy online store at: Plastic Pumpkin Designs.

Article written by Pippit.

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