Monday, October 01, 2007

Earmark Personalized Cards

Make Your Mark With Handcrafted Personalized Greeting Cards!LOOKING FOR A PERSONALIZED CARD? San Diego-based Earmark creates handcrafted printed and/or personalized greeting cards, note cards and sets. Most of their individual cards retail for about $3.00 apiece while custom birthday cards can be commissioned for $7.50 per card, using the names, any text, colors or images that you might like! They also can create wedding invitations.

From the Whimsical, to the comical, to the romantic of paisley, Earmark's versatility and artistic talent is evident as soon as you go to their Etsy online store; Earmark. There is also their blog: EI Greetings where you can find out what else might be in the works for their wonderful Etsy shop!

Pictured above is a lovely notecard called "Orangy Bird" silkscreened on a double thick charcoal grey column paper. Paper is duplexed, meaning it has a second color, white, smooth paper inside making it easy to write on!

Article written by Pippit.

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