Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blue Baby

The artist behind Bluebaby, known only as Amanda creates primarily crocheted amigarumi dolls and other crocheted items. She also carries a few pieces of jewelry.

“My usual screen name is briensbaby” says Amanda, “(Brien being my hubby's name) but I wanted to do something different for my Etsy shop. Blue is my favorite color, so i just stuck that in place of 'brien' and voila! bluebaby was born!”

Blue Baby is all about creating things that are beautiful and unique, just like the people who bring them home!

My shop is filled with a variety of crocheted items and more, with new things added all the time, so be sure to check in often!! You're sure to find something special!
She makes a variety of styles of hats that are both stylish and comfortable.

Etsy is the first venue where she has ever tried to sell her work. In the past she has given her items away to family members as presents, but now that her husband is the only one working outside the home she is using her talents to make some money on the side.

Amanda makes her items the best way she knows how, and devotes lots of hard work, concentration, and faith to each one in hopes her work will pay off.

Watch her Etsy store for more winterwear and afghans this holiday season.
Find more at: Blue Baby.
To learn more about the artist read her blog Blue Baby Homemade Gifts.

Article written by Pippit.

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