Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Thank You Mom

In these busy, hectic lives we lead
too often we forget
to be thankful to the person
to whom we owe our greatest debt.

Thank you Mom for the words you spoke
while catching tears that I was crying;
"Even though you did not win the race,
I'm so proud of you for trying."

Thank you Mom for open arms
that always chased away my fear
for the loving embrace of a mother
can make the whole world disappear.

Thank you Mom for the many tears
that you shed on my behalf
and for pretending that my silly jokes
always somehow made you laugh.

Thank you Mom for the guidance
through all my years of growing,
somehow molding the way I'd live my life
without my ever knowing.

Thank you Mom for your patience
and understanding all along,
those years I thought I was always right
and that you were always wrong.

Thank you Mom for teaching me
the most valuable lesson I would learn;
that you can love someone with everything
and expect nothing in return.

I don't know where my brother found this poem or who wrote it, but I had to share it with you all today. Sounds just like my it sounds like yours, too!
Happy Mother's Day!

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