Friday, May 05, 2006


"Throughout my adult life, I have always tried to acknowledge the debt I owe to my military experience, for allowing me to serve my country and for instilling within me strong moral fiber and self-discipline. These qualities have served me well in a film and television career where I have played many heroic characters. Today, more than ever, the inspiration for the parts I play is found in you - our nation's men and women in uniform - and the selfless contributions you make on a daily basis to keep our country safe and free. I salute you. I thank you. And I wish you Godspeed and a safe return home."
- Chuck Norris
"It's not an understatement to say that the visit we had with our wounded troops was one of the most emotional experiences we have ever had, and one that we will never forget. "Inspirational" is a word that springs to mind, but it really doesn't do justice to the feelings we experienced that day hanging out with those brave guys. Of course, we would do it again in a heartbeat."
- Dusty Hill
ZZ Top bassist
"I just want to tell the troops that I'm with them 110 percent, and I know that they're doing a good thing. Don't listen to the skeptics; continue to do what you do. We need these brave soldiers to fight for our way of life. And the fact that they have the nuts to do that is just unbelievable to me. Tell everyone I said "Git-R-Done.""
- Larry the Cable Guy
Blue-collar comedian
Some of many messages of praise and gratitude that can be found at America Salutes You. Pass it on...let your readers know you support our men and women in uniform!

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