Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Milbloggers on FOX

"Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it."
I went to check out Fuzzilicious Thinking and what do I find? Fuzzy, along with many other Milbloggers, have been prominently featured on FOX News! She seems a little embarrassed by the whole thing, but I am proud of her and our other Milblogging friends! It's about time someone paid some national attention to them! A huge thank you to Andi of Andi's World for setting up the first Milblog conference that got this story rolling.

Here's a bit of the article, but it's a long one, so I encourage you to go read the whole thing even though a certain left-wing cretin is mentioned as well!
As the war in Iraq and the national debate over it continue, military-themed American bloggers have been voicing their support for U.S. troops and, in most cases, the war itself.

"We're not only fighting a physical war, we're fighting an information war as well," said "Andi C.," organizer of the first annual MilBlog Conference, which took place last month in Washington.

"The Bush administration and the DoD [Department of Defense] have not been very effective in the information war," explained Andi C., who, like many "milbloggers," prefers not to use her full name. "Milblogs have been doing the heavy lifting. Both entities could learn a thing or two from milbloggers."
FOX News
Some of the other big names involved in the Milblog Conference and the Fox News article are Mudville Gazette, Dadmanly, Threats Watch, Blackfive, Argghhh!-The Donovan, The Indepundit and of course, the author, Michael Lawhorn's blog Kosovo Dad. You are all awesome!

Please do your part and get the good news out there. We all know that the MSM has the bad news covered, but there are stories of strength, honor and valor that are not being shared and they should be!

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