Saturday, April 22, 2006

Speaking to Parents

I find it very interesting that so many of the African-American community have called comedian Bill Cosby a racist because he admonishes parents to actual parent their children. His appearance in Cincinnati over Easter weekend gives examples that a parent of any race or background could and should take to heart.
Education: "If your child has never asked you a question about what he is studying, you are not protecting that child. And if you're not doing it, be ashamed of yourself ... I want someone to say to them, 'Where is your damn homework?' "...

Drugs: "If you have heard a child say, 'I'm going to stop flipping burgers and go out and make some real money selling drugs,' did you stop that idiot and say, 'You don't flip burgers for the rest of your life. You do it until you can be manager of the burger-flipping place'?"

Parenting: "When are you going to challenge them about CDs full of vulgarity and profanity? ... When are you going to challenge them with, 'I want to know who your friends are before you leave this apartment'?"
Yes, Mr. Cosby does speak directly to the African-American community by addressing the drop-out rates and drug rates and single parent rates in the black community, but what he is saying is not racist, it is fact. And they are facts that need to be addressed to change the future. He admonishes parents to get it together and take care of their kids and stop allowing others to do it. He's telling them to stand up and do something!
"We're letting Jesus drag that cross and we're standing there saying 'Isn't it terrible? Somebody oughtta do something.' We're standing on the sidelines. All we want to know is, 'You got time to fix my elbow?' "
The overall message of this speech though seems to have been redemption...he offers parents ways to redeem themselves and help their children become upstanding contributing members of society. I certainly wouldn't call that racist!

Cincinnati Enquirer

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