Thursday, April 06, 2006

GOP's Ideas for Immigration

The Republicans have come up with yet another bill for immigration after the Dems "poo-poohed" the last one. I just wish they would enforce the laws already on the books. Illegal: adj.-prohibited by law; unlawful; illicit; also, not aurthorized or sanctioned, as by rules. n.-an alien who has entered a country illegally. Is this so very difficult to understand? Here are the three basic catagories the Republicans have come up with for illegal immigrants to be classified into.
— Those who had been in the country the longest, more than five years, would not be required to return to their home country before gaining legal status. They would be subject to several tests, including the payment of fines and back taxes, and be required to submit to a background check, according to these officials.

— Illegal immigrants in the United States less than five years but more than two would be required to go to a border point of entry, briefly leave and then be readmitted to the United States. As with the longer-term illegal immigrants, other steps would be required for re-entry, after which they could begin seeking citizenship, these officials said.

— Illegal immigrants in the United States less than two years would be required to leave the country and join any other foreign residents seeking legal entry.
Fox News
It's actually rather amusing if you think about it. Illegals aren't going to admit being here less than five years, not if it makes it easier for them to gain citizenship to be here longer. And how will the authorities prove otherwise? It's not as if illegals have green cards, work permits or tax returns to show how long they've been here.

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