Sunday, April 30, 2006

Something to Consider

Nathan Tabor writes for The Conservative Voice and he has an idea of how to deal with the Day Without Immigrants shut out scheduled for tomorrow. His advice? "BUY, BUY, BUY!"
"Monday, May 1 is being called “A Day Without Immigrants,” but let’s be truthful here. Americans don’t have a problem with immigrants. We have a problem with illegal immigrants.

So what’s this boycott of American businesses going to accomplish -- Not a thing unless you sit home and do nothing!

Get out that day and spend some good ‘ole American greenbacks. Step out of the office and buy lunch. Get that new DVD the kids want. Bring the wife home a dozen roses.

Just buy, buy, buy!

Also, find that American flag pin you have in the back of your sock drawer and put it on before you walk out the door on May 1. Don’t have one? BUY one!

Contact your local, state, and federal representatives and let them know that you won’t be intimidated by illegal aliens demanding rights and neither should they. Put the Stars & Stripes out -- and even if it hurts -- fill up the gas tank on the way to work.

Boycott? What boycott? Let’s show politicians and corporate American the strength of legal citizens."
Sounds good to me. Also, make note of the businesses that are closed in support of this effort and do not patronize them from here on. If these businesses are willing to support illegal immigrants coming in and breaking the law while making use of our schools, hospitals and assistance, then they should pay the price for it, by losing business. (emphasis mine)

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Swarovski chick said...

I agree we have the same problem here in the UK.