Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Cautionary Post

One of my favorite bloggers, Frau Budgie of Red Hot Cuppa Politics has a very thought provoking post on what would/could happen if the Dems win in '06 and then the Prez in '08. It's a bit frightening. I would encourage you to read it and think about what we might come up against this fall should the Dems win a majority in Congress...
First, we pull out of Iraq. There will be no Congressional support for our efforts there. I remember this happening during Vietnam, and I don't think we can afford a replay of Nam. We pull the rug out from under our allies in Iraq, who are painfully managing to achieve a decent government of their own. There's progress being made, tho not reported, and they still need our back-up. So, Dems win, we pull out, there's a civil war in Iraq and no matter who wins, they all hate the USA. Al Quada declares victory, and feels free to attack our interests overseas and at home. And, remember -- the Dems pretty much have to get us to pull out of Iraq, to please their wealthy anti-war billionaire funders.

Second, Bush gets impeached -- whether there's rational, documentable grounds or not, probably along the lines of "lying" about Iraq, and "outting" Val Plame. One of the deepest pockets of the Democrat donors (Soros) has pledged his fortune to getting Bush out of office. And, if Dems have a majority, they'll hang together and make it happen, regardless of evidence to the contrary. Because that's what they do.
And if that's not enough to make you think before you vote, here's a little tidbit sure to make you nauseous!
And, Cindy Sheehan's smirk gets bigger, and she claims she speaks for the American people. (That's you and me.) She and her buds in Code Pink will point to a Democrat elected Congress as proof, and folks overseas will believe it. Think about that one for a moment, then contemplate the international gig if Democrats win.
I can just feel the anger from all my blogger friends who have spent many a cold Friday evening in front of Walter Reed Hospital facing down that group of nincompoops! To make them "right" would be a complete travesty. So, as Budgie suggests, maybe we do hold our noses and vote for a Republican even if he/she isn't doing so great for us now, because look at the mess we'd have if the Dems took control! Food for thought!

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