Sunday, March 26, 2006

"MSM Doth Protest Too Much"

My blog friend, Wordsmith of Sparks from the Anvil has done an excellent job of assembling mutltiple examples of the latest media bruhaha over the lack of coverage of all aspects in Iraq.

From Laura Ingram's appearance on the Today show to Hugh Hewitt and Michael Yon on Anderson Cooper's 360, the MSM is claiming that we are "killing the messenger" because we don't appreciate their reporting. Well, when you only give part of the message, people are going to get ticked! For the MSM to think that people are "picking" on them because they are only reporting "the truth" is asinine. Give me a break. They are only showing part of the story and they are, in some instances, referring to those who do show the good stories (Michael Yon and Central Command) as being propagandists!

I'm sorry, but if you are an American, reporting on American troops, you should at least pretend to be on their side and not demand further pictures of Abu Graib or some perceived autrocity because it will boost their ratings or give more ammunition to those who hate Bush and our military. These same "reporters" will take a story like Abu Graib (which, yes, is horrendous) and blow it up and exaggerate as if this is how all our troops act. Which is a blatant lie!

I don't know about you, but I haven't seen stories about the building of schools, the hospitals being rebuilt. the water running and sewage working and you certainly don't see stories about the soldiers who, many at their own expense, are putting shoes on the feet of the children or making sure they have school supplies or clothes or medicine or toys.

Yes, bad things happen and bad people do things, but the fact that the good stories are going unreported tell me just where our MSM stands and just who they are rooting for.

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