Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Conservative Small Blog Digest

My blog friend, Dave at The Paladin Blog has created a gathering place for small conservative blogs. Everybody knows the big blogs and it's not often that the little guys are mentioned there or even have a hope of being mentioned there, but here is a place where "the little guy" can get featured front and center.
The Conservative Small Blog Digest was created to showcase some of the best posts found at these lesser known blogs. The goal is to help these bloggers succeed by getting their work promoted by our site.

The advantage to you, the blog readers, is that you can enjoy a wide variety of reading in one place! We will strive to scour the web, and bring you the best of the best of the small blogs.

Each week we will pick a worthy victim to be featured as the "Blog O' The Week", as well as creating an in depth blogroll for your surfing pleasure.

So sit back and enjoy the "best of the littlest".
So, go check it out and read the latest from your Conservative blog peers!

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