Monday, March 13, 2006

Hibernation and Time A-Flying

You know you spend too much time indoors when on the first really warm day in months, you find out your 30-something neighbors across the street have adopted a baby boy! He's a little sweetheart from South Korea and he's going to he a heartbreaker when he gets older! He already has his mom and dad wrapped around his little finger, not to mention the family dog looking out for him! What a wonderful gift they have received!

I also realized that the "little kids" next door aren't so little anymore. Okay, I must be getting old because time is whizzing by so quickly!

My own kids, both teenagers will both be in high school next year, they are both dating and we are looking at colleges for our oldest. Seems like only yesterday they were in elementary school! Where does the time go??

tags: time, adoption

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