Wednesday, December 08, 2010

December 2010

This is crazy! We have had snowfall every day since December 1st! This type of snowfall is normal for oh, late January or February! Hopefully it will let up enough for me to do some Christmas shopping this weekend. This is what our yard looks like:

This is a pattern I beaded based on the accompanying photo. The colors were chosen by my program to best match the photo, but I'm not happy with the results. I'll be trying it again, but I'll change out the colors to make it closer to the photo.

The second pattern based on the next photo turned out better, though it went gray rather than the green/blue of the photos. I am also working on a series of patterns for cuffs based on textures and nature. I like how they're turning out and I think they'll be fabulous when they are beaded!

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