Monday, November 29, 2010

Starburst Snowflakes...

This is the latest cuff. It's Starburst Snowflakes and is 7" long and 1 1/2" wide with a three button and loops closure. The buttons have a pearl finish on the top and silver-tone shank. I love the matte cobalt blue with aurora borealis finish. Then I've added medium navy blue and a very pale blue along with a matte transparent white and crystal clear to create the stars.

I've created a lot of patterns lately, too. I've been fascinated with creating patterns from the photos from our Alaska trip. Then I went through photos from our trips up to Chautauqua Lake in NY and started a lot of patterns with those. Then I turned to the gorgeous flower photos I took this past spring and summer. And now I'm playing with natural patterns like those in quartz, marble and agate! It will take me forever to get through all these patterns, but it'll be a lot of fun! Currently, I am working on a pattern based on this photo:


Pelantura (Anabel) said...

<span>¿Te ha quedado un brazalete precioso, muy bonita la cambinación de azules y blancos en diferentes tonos.</span>
<span>Por otro lado, es fácil inspirarse con esas fotas del viaje a Alaska.</span>
<span>Espero ver más fotos tuyas.</span>
<span>Saludos, Anabel.</span>

annarose said...

Gracias Anabel! The photos from Alaska are very inspiring, but I'm finding that the beads just don't do it justice. I'm going to have to try this idea again and maybe use more colors. Come back anytime. I should have new photos up soon!