Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Listing and Events

OK, so it's been almost two months, but I've finally listed the Champagne Cuff. It's really gorgeous and it will go with most any outfit. Dress up jeans for a night out with friends or with that little black dress to add just the right amount of bling!

In other areas of life...the girls and I went up to the Buffalo area this past weekend to celebrate our cousin, Ally's graduation. It was great seeing the family there and we will be seeing more of them this weekend for Uncle Cal's birthday and 4th of July celebration at the lake. We really love it there as it's so peaceful, yet a lot of fun with the family!

On the health front, I finally got my injections to block the occipital nerves in my head so that I can stop getting these horrendous 3-day headaches. They aren't migraines as it's not caused by anything other than a malfunction in my occipital nerve. I was really out of it yesterday (the procedure requires sedation) and today I'm still "off", but day-by-day it will get better and I hopefully will have months and months without another headache episode.

So, that's all the updates for now...


Vixen said...

That is a beautiful piece. I sure hope these injections do the trick for you! Have a wonderful weekend.


annarose said...

Thanks Vicki! I hope they work, too! Still having some post-procedure problems, but that's expected. Hope you and your family had a wonderful and safe 4th!

annarose said...

Thanks Vic!