Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7

This week's Thursday Thirteen (#7) is about TV shows. These are ones that I enjoy both past and present (in no particular order). I think I'll be expanding on this topic in future T13s.

1. Project Runway - It's the wackiness of some of these designers that brings me back every season!
2. The Tudors - I was able to watch the first two seasons of this when they did a promo weekend or something, but I loved it!
3. CSI:NY - I really like the CSI premise and I love Gary Sinise, not to mention the utterly steriotypical NY cast characters.
4. CSI - The original is always the best. (IMHO - CSI Miami is completely ridiculous due totally to the Horatio Caine character.)
5. Top Chef - How do they do what they do with simple foods?
6. ER - I'll admit I was an avid watcher early on, then lost track of it, but have been catching up on TNT.
7. MadMen - Hooked! The times, the era, the social norms of the time...wonderful!
8. Six Feet Under - We had HBO for a while and we really liked the strangeness of this series.
9. So You Think You Can Dance? - These kids are extremely talented. I love this series much more than any of the other "reality contests" because these kids are the whole package...talent, personality, the works.
10. Carnivale - Another odd series from HBO that we enjoyed a lot.
11. Highlander - Got hooked on this series because of a former co-worker...she was crazy for it and her enthusiasm was contagious.
12. House - He is and does what we wish we could, but he gets away with it!
13. NCIS - Just started watching this series on USA, but I like the cast dynamic and the odd characters.

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