Saturday, December 06, 2008

A "House" Case Study

I was looking up information on the series "House, M.D." because I wanted to put together a series of trivia questions and I found these fascinating tidbits. Nicole of Inspire Emotion thought I should write a post about it, so here it is...

The character of Gregory House is loosely based on the fictional character Sherlock Holmes (who was loosely based on a doctor Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew named Dr. Joseph Bell, who was a diagnostician!). Here are their similarities:
1. Both are loners whose fascination/lifework is solving the unsolvable.
2. Both have the ability to deduce clues and information about a person by simply looking at them.
3. Both have addictions. House to Vicadin and Holmes to opium (cocaine).
4. Both only refer to others by their last names, including their best friends.
5. Both are musicians. House plays piano and guitar while Holmes played the violin.
6. Both have one true friend. House has James Wilson, while Holmes had John Watson.
7. Both are considered arrogant and condescending.
8. House lives in apartment 221B while Holmes lived at 221B Baker Street.
9. The first case in the House TV series involved a woman named Rebecca Adler, while Holmes' first case involved Irene Adler.
10. In the last episode of season two, House was shot by a man named Moriarty, while Holmes' archenemy was named Moriarty.

For more trivia and fun facts see Internet Movie Database and House: Guide to the TV Show.

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