Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4

My Thursday 13 this week is "Top Chef" memorable chefs. Since Season 5 just started, I thought I'd bring back memories of the characters from seasons past.

1. Dave Martin (Season 1) - the crier! Quite the emotional guy, but he did give the line that ended up on the T-shirt for the season. ("I'm not your b!tch, b!tch!")

2. Andrea Beaman (Season 1) - the "crunchy granola" chef. She had a habit of telling people just what her dishes would do for their bowels!

3. Stephen Asprinio (Season 1) - the OCD snooty Sommelier. He always had a 15-minute explanation about his dishes and just what wine would be perfect with it.

4. Sam Talbot (Season 2) - the "cute" one. He had all the girls drooling after him and he did have a way with food!

5. Marcel Vigneron (Season 2) - arrogant, arrogant, arrogant! Nothing else to mention, oh, except that hair-do....oy! And like Stephen, he had to give a long explanation about everything!

6. Elia Aboumrad (Season 2) - fiesty Latin chef with 34 culinary degrees. She lost it one night and shaved her head! (the night Marcel was wrestled to the ground and Cliff was kicked off the show)

7. Dale Levitski (Season 3) - another emotional chef. He reminded me of Baby Huey. He was lovable, though.

8. Hung Huynh (Season 3) - another arrogant little chef, but no wonder, he and Marcel are friends! He did win Season 3, though.

9. Chris (CJ) Jacobsen (Season 3) - the VERY tall chef. He was completely infatuated with Padma and usually had sex on his mind.

10. Erik Hopfinger (Season 4) - the biker chef. He looked like he would have fit right in as a tattoo artist or hard rock band roadie, but he was a softie!

11. Andrew d'Ambrosi (Season 4) - the loud mouth. Though Spike was cocky and arrogant, Andrew was the same, but could actually cook better.

12. Richard Blais (Season 4) - the silly chef. He loved getting into the story of the dish and he was very imaginative with his dishes.

13. Stephanie Izard (Season 4) - the winner of Season 4. She didn't really stand out until later in the season, but she was one that you couldn't help but like.

It'll be interesting to see who wins this season. I'm looking forward to "getting to know" the contestants!

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