Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Sorry this is late. I actually started it last night and got completely sidetracked! Anyway, seeing as this is the week of Halloween...13 Horror Novels I've Read(in no particular order)!

1. The Shining by Stephen King. This is the first horror novel I read and it was at the age of 14. I "borrowed" my dad's copy and he found out and took it away from me, but my friend loaned me her copy so I could finish it!

2. Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons. This is about mind vampires! Very cool!

3. Misery by Stephen King. I've added this one because it is so frightening in it's plausibility!

4. Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I'll admit as much as I liked the book, I enjoyed the movie version simply for Brad Pitt! :)

5. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. Truly be careful what you wish for!

6. Watchers by Dean Koontz. I looked at dogs a bit differently for a while after reading this one!

7. Ghost Story by Peter Straub. Sometimes secrets can kill.

8. Summer of Night by Dan Simmons. Which leads to...

9. Children of the Night by Dan Simmons. I really like Dan Simmons' writing. I've read several of his Sci-fi novels and really enjoyed them.

10. The Stand by Stephen King. I was hooked within pages and read the entire book in two days!

11. Hideaway by Dean Koontz. This really scared me. You always hear about near death experiences, but this one was freaky!

12. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The classic horror novel. The original is always the best.

13. The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber. This book truly gives wolves a bad name!

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