Monday, October 27, 2008

A Blog Award With A Meme!

Jojo of Unique You has been so kind and passed this award and meme on to me! Thanks very much!

The Rules for the Award are as follows:
1. Mention the blog that gave you the award & comment on their blog when you post the award.

2. List 6 things you VALUE & 6 things you DON'T VALUE.

3. Then, pass the award onto 6 other blog buddies!

OK, here goes:

Six Things I Value:
1. My dear husband. He is so patient and kind and very supportive. He handles stress really well and believe me, he's been under a lot of stress lately. I know I haven't helped with the job situation and yet he doesn't nag or push me. He knows how much my jewelry means to me and would really like me to succeed.

2. My daughters. Yes, they drive me nuts sometimes, but they are beautiful, talented girls and I am very proud of them both! I can't believe my oldest is going to be 20 in the spring or that my "baby" is 16! Soon we'll have an empty nest (DH and I are actually looking forward to that!)

3. My dog. I know some people go really overboard about their pets, but my dog, Sadie, truly saw me through some of the most difficult days when my mom died. She knew I was upset and would just sit next to me or put her head on my lap. That unconditional love from her was truly a comfort!

4. My art. I can't imagine not being able to bead or at least create in some way! Beading is my therapy. I really think I'd have gone crazy without it! :)

5. My friends. I know that sometimes I'm not the best of communicators, but my friends seem to love me anyway! :)

6. Books!

Six Things I Don't Value:
I'm going to have to copy Jo on a couple of her choices for this section.

1. I too, don't value junk mail or spam. Talk about a waste of paper and killing trees! Does anybody really enjoy junk mail?

2. Hollywood and celebrities. I enjoy a good movie or show just like anyone else, but I don't care what you do or say or believe. You chose to act, so just stick to that!

3. Professional politicians. They'll say anything to get elected. Promise they will fix everything and then once elected they don't do anything except vote themselves a raise every year and get their buddies money and contracts!

4. Liars, cheats and thieves.

5. Shopping malls. I know, what an odd thing for a woman to think, but I really hate shopping and shopping malls are the worst!

6. Telephones. Another odd one for a woman, but I answered phones at a law firm for well over 11 years and I really despise the things. OK, I have a cell, but the majority of communicating I do with it is texting my daughters!

Now, to name six to take this:
Well, I was going to list six people to take this, but it seems like everyone is getting this meme, the "seven" meme and now it seems there's an "eight" meme going around! So, if you want to take part, please do so and let me know so I can check out your sixes!

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