Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Pieces

I've created two new bracelets and two pairs of earrings. I like the earrings because they are fairly simple to make, but look lovely! The first bracelet is "A Gilded Lily Cuff" and I named it that because of the Art Deco style button I used as the toggle and because it does remind me of a bracelet a woman of the 30s would wear (like Claudette Colbert in the movie "The Gilded Lily"!!)This next bracelet doesn't have a name yet, but it is one that I've been thinking about for a while. I really like the stark black against the soft rose colors. And as you can see from some of my other pieces, I like geometric patterns! In this bracelet, I've also used opaque, matte and Ceylon style beads which gives more depth to the piece.
The earrings are simple, but I think they will love great with either a little black evening dress or a pair of jeans! I've used Swarovski crystal components which sparkle like crazy! The ear hooks are sterling silver. The beads are metallic silver Delicas in the one and opaque black in the other (which would look lovely with the black and rose bracelet above!). Let me know what you think!

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