Sunday, April 01, 2007

Making a Living

Someday I would like to be able to make a living (or at least be able to pay some bills) with my beadwork. I am constantly trying new things, but many of those projects never make it beyond the "test" stage. I believe that I am a creative person, but sometimes my nit-pickiness gets in the way and I'll abandon an idea or project because it's not turning out the way I imagined. Sad to say that some of those could be just fine, but I don't want them to be "just fine" when they could be beautiful!

Anyway, I am promoting my work, I have word-of-mouth going among friends and family, but it seems I am at a standstill. I've sold a couple pieces in my Etsy shop, but I'd like to get more sales. I am currently working on totally different pieces and I am now carrying my daughter's greeting cards, so I am hoping they will spur some sales as well.

If you have a moment, take a look at my shop and let me know what you think.



Sarah Hodsdon said...

Do not be discouraged...earning a living at art is tough (hence the starving artist moniker). I think your beadwork is incredible and perhaps, in addition to listing them on etsy and places like, you should check around and look for art shows and galleries in your area for you to exhibit. I would also suggest you submit you handiwork to some of the bead magazines for publication.....

Anna said...

Thanks for the pep talk and the tips, Sarah! You're wonderful!

I have just printed off the wiki selling tips from Etsy's big sellers. My mom was really good at this and sold a lot of pieces for me through just word of mouth, but now I have to do it on my own and that "don't boast" thing keeps lurking about! I'm getting there! Thanks again!!