Monday, April 02, 2007

Latest Project

Here's my latest project. It will eventually be a square mat for a picture frame. Because it will be square, I will probably have to make my own frame to go around it. My design was inspired by the Prairie style panel windows. I really like that style but then, I've always been more comfortable working in geometrics than freeform.

I'm using an alternating pattern with a block of nine beads going towards one side, while the next block of nine goes to the opposite side. This seems to give more of a sparkle to the whole piece without taking away from the colors.


beadexplorer said...

That looks interesting! I am excited to follow its progress!

Anna said...

Thank you, beadexplorer. I'll be updating it as I go along. I've got it on hold at the moment simply because I need to get some merchandise into my shop, but I'll be back at this project soon!

Mandi said...

awesome work :) I followed the bread crumbs from the etsy forum post about blogs, to your shop, to here :) I enjoy meeting other beaders as well!
Have a great day,

Anna said...

Thank you so much Mandi! That's some road you took to get here and I truly appreciate it! I love Etsy, just working on getting more sales!

You have a great day, too!