Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just could not get the double RAW to work, so I took it completely apart again. I've decided to play with something else and go back to it because it was just really frustrating me. So, I'm playing with some lovely silver-lined frosted peridot beads for the time being. Then maybe I'll make a pretty bracelet for myself to take on vacation with me!

Only 17 days until we leave on our vacation! It couldn't come fast enough! We are going to the lake this weekend, so that will be a short, yet wonderful getaway. But this cruise is going to be so therapeutic! A physical and mental recharge, for sure!

Had a dream about my mom last night. Been feeling melancholy since I woke up. She was upset with me for some reason and that feeling has stayed with me. I know it's just a dream and it doesn't mean anything, but it's made me sad nonetheless.


Vixen said...

I am a bit jealous about your cruise! It sounds like it will be soooo much fun! When i get frustrated with something, I always make myself walk away from it. Of course, I sometimes forget to back to it for years, lol.

Sorry about the dream. Hugs.

annarose said...

Yeah, I forget to go back sometimes, too! :) thanks for the hugs sweetie!