Friday, April 23, 2010

Special Order, No Photos

Silly me, I created a different version of this cuff for a customer, but forgot to take photos before I shipped it off to her! Ah, well, these things happen!

Other than that cuff, I really haven't created a whole lot lately due to pains in my head. I'm not calling them headaches or migraines, because technically they aren't either of those. The doc is pretty sure it's an issue with the nerves in my neck and the main occipital nerves in my head and possibly aggravated by arthritis in my neck. I'll know for sure when I can get back in to see him once they've moved their office this week. I can't wait to get a treatment plan in place so I can get some relief! It's really hard to bead when you can't concentrate and I have a need to bead!

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