Friday, April 09, 2010

Finally Spring is Here!

I've been lacking in the creative realm, but that's due to the pains in my head playing with my creativity. Hopefully that will start getting resolved in the next month to six weeks with nerve blocks and meds, then maybe I'll be thinking clearly enough to be creative again!

One thing that has helped my mental mood though is the weather. We've had some gorgeous days of sunshine and warmth and now the flowers are blooming! It's amazing how much improvement there is in everyone's mood when the weather gets better. Winter's blues and grays are burned away by the yellows and greens of's wonderful!

With spring comes the ending of another school year and that means we're closer to baby girl's graduation! We're thinking that DH and I could be "empty nesters" within the next 18 months and I have to admit, we're not unhappy about that! We love our girls and are very proud of them, but we're ready to have time to ourselves!

So, here are some photos of our backyard getting it's spring on! Enjoy...

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