Sunday, November 29, 2009


I haven't posted as much as I should, but I have very good reasons! I was trying to get things together for my first show! It was a two-day event and I did fairly well! I made enough to cover my fee as well as all the stuff I bought to do this show! (boxes, bags, display pieces, tablecloth, etc). The best part is that I had a really good time! I met some great people who have shops on Etsy and/or Art Fire or who just sell locally. The row of tables I was in had some hilarious people and we laughed a lot! Thank you to Lizz, Melanie, Veronica, Aminta, Jessica and Deanna for making my first show a blast! And also a very large thank you to Tammy for setting this up and being such a love to work with! The photos aren't the best as I took them with my phone, but you get the idea and note the BAO, EBW and Carol Dean's cards I had on my table as well! Oh, yeah, and I did show off my pattern in Step-by-Step Beads! :)

Secondly, yet more personal, Grandma has been very sick and it's not looking good for her recovery. It has been tough the last several weeks and the last several days have been the hardest yet. There is more before us... We give each other strength and have grown closer to each other through this trying time. So, if I don't post for a while again, I hope you'll understand.

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