Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kreative Mindz

KreativeMindz located in Wordsville, Ohio is the brainchild of Aly and Beau Stacy. It includes a variety of sewn items and woodwork.

Interestingly the couple has both been in lines of work that involved making things with their hands. Aly used to work in the in set building and design for commercials (and sometimes still does), but mostly stays home now with her children. Beau is a carpenter who builds Timber Frame homes.

Aly’s style was first influenced at age 15 when she was planning to go see the Grateful Dead. She admired the gypsy style shirts and skirts she saw on other concert-goers, so she decided to sew a patchwork skirt so she’d have something “cool” to wear. At the time not many of these types of clothes were available commercially or at least they weren’t readily available, so this got her thinking about beautiful fabrics and what she could do with them. Her husband grew up learning woodworking from his father, so the handmade wooden boxes were natural for him to make. The skills both brought with them complemented each other and were probably what brought them together and what makes them a good fit to this day.

The work of the two has a decidedly spiritual feel to it drawing from African symbolism and a natural, earthy quality, almost pioneer-like.

This husband and wife team belongs to Etsy EarthPath Artisans Street Team.

When asked how her spirituality impacts on her art, Aly responded, “I do not practice any set "religion", but I am a VERY spiritual person and feel very connected to the earth and the universe. When I am creating a piece, I will only do it if I'm in the right "space". NEVER do I sew if I am unhappy or angry, or any "negative" emotion. When I sew I am thinking good things and putting good intentions into what I am making. If it is a custom piece I think of that person and what the item will be for them. I believe that my intentions go into the piece. May sound fruity, but this is what I believe and have even been told that others could "feel" these intentions.”

Having her son at the tender age of 20 all naturally was a life-changing experience for her and an opportunity for personal growth. It was empowering and enlightening and quite a learning experience.

They are not currently selling their work in any stores but plan to start doing so in the New Year.

Aly used to sell her clothing at shows and festivals many years ago and she has found that her handmade pants seem to sell the best; lined patchwork pants back then, and her Capri pants with appliqué on Etsy.

Aly would like to expand her skills to include felting and batik, and Beau would like to start making bowls and cooking utensils.

When asked about their goals for their business Aly says “Honestly, I would like our business to be our main source of income. It is our dream and our be able to work at home and raise our children...all at the same time. The kids really get in to our projects now.”

Be on the lookout for more hotpacks, keepsake boxes, and some stockings for the holidays. Buy a special gift for a loved one.

Go to their online store for more great gifts:
Kreative Mindz

and to their blog to keep up with what’s going on with the artists: Kreative Mindz Threadz

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