Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Latest Creations and Other Stuff

I cannot wait to get my "studio" set up so I can have my light box all set for photos. These were taken outside, but I just didn't have the control to capture the colors! The triple wrap bracelets really look nice worn as necklaces! Thanks   to Bonnie for showing me how pretty they could be!
Golden Lace triple wrap bracelet or necklace
Sweet Golden Rose bracelet with vintage shell button
Midnight Moonlight triple wrap bracelet or necklace
Red Creek Jasper on light topaz diamonds cuff
Rhyolite triple wrap bracelet or necklace
Cosmos with Silver Stars triple wrap bracelet or necklace
Verdite on golden sea diamonds with vintage button
And some other photos...
Superstorm Sandy raised our creek to almost overflowing

Our ol' Sadie! Sweetest dog ever!
Beautiful Fall Leaf for inspiration


Marms said...

Hello rose..love all your photos.


Anna said...

Thank you!