Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This Is Why I Haven't Been Online

Cherry Blossoms Cuff
peyote stitch, single-drop, 25 colors

Lightning Strikes Again
peyote stitch, single-drop, 20 colors

Little Orange Mums Cuff
peyote stitch, single drop, 18 colors

Aqua Cuff

Right Angle Weave cuffs in Lilac and Aqua

Right Angle Weave Cuffs in Topaz and
Flame Red

And there are four others I have yet to take photos of! I'm working on a fifth! So, busy, now I have to get photos taken and submit my application for the Kent Art in the Park before the 1st of July or all this crazy hard work will be for nought!


Beth Rintala said...

Wonderful creations! Miss you, but definitely understand! <3

Anna said...

Thank you so much, Beth!