Friday, January 06, 2012

Finally An Update

Galaxy Cuff
24 beads across, 14 colors, single-drop
Goose Creek Cuff
24 beads across, 15 colors, single-drop
Lightning Strikes Cuff
26 beads across, 20 colors, single-drop
Paua Shell Cuff
28 beads across, 20 colors, single-drop
Rosette Torregrosa Cuff
22 beads across, 18 colors, single-drop
I'm thinking about how I will set up my shop and the display at Art in the Park next year. I think I will have sections...Deep Space...Of the Earth...In the Garden...At the Museum. I have obviously done pieces for the Deep Space and Of the Earth sections, but I've yet to get going on the floral patterns and patterns based on pieces found in museums. I think, too, I will list my finished pieces, even though I was trying to stockpile for the show next year.


Rose said...

I would definitely list pieces now. Spring shows are still a ways away. Everything is beautiful! I especially like the lightening piece.

Anna said...

Thanks Rose! I've listed three of them already. Will probably space out the rest of the listings in hopes of getting more views.