Sunday, February 13, 2011


The first one is "Alaskan Waters" and was created for the Bead Art Originals Color Challenge. The next is the photo used for inspiration and it's the one I took on vacation at the stern of the cruise ship sailing through Alaska's Inner Passage. I love the color of the water there!

The next one is another in my "stone" series. This one is called "Chiffon Granite". And lastly is the cuff I did for a special order. I LOVE how it turned out, so nice and crisp and clean looking!


Pelantura said...

Las tres son muy bonitas, pero la 2ยช me parece un gran trabajo, enhorabuena!!!

Anna said...

Muchas gracias Anabel! The second was a bit of work, but I really like the my "stone" cuffs.

Anonymous said...

Classy! Very classy! It's a standout piece for sure.


Anna said...

Thanks Marilyn!