Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year and New Stuff

Hope everyone had a lovely, festive and safe New Year's Eve. DH and I had a nice, quiet evening (older daughter was at her boyfriend's and younger daughter had a little party of her own). We didn't even watch "the ball" drop in NYC...we were watching a movie! The first day of the new year was quiet as well. The girls are off on their own with their friends, DH and I just stayed around the house and then he took me for a steak dinner! YUM!

More done in the family carpet, which doesn't look this beige in the real world. It's called "cobblestone" & it's a gray with flecks of a darker gray in it. It's very soft and cushy! There's new track lighting and of course, the new TV. Now, if we could just get some furniture in there. The chairs just don't cut it. (One's a throw back to our first living room set and the other is a refugee from my mother-in-law's house and neither of which will be staying!)

I've been enjoying my new Christmas presents! I've been reading again...something I've not done in a couple months. This is very unlike me. I used to read every night, but somehow got out of the habit. I've also spent my entire Fire Mountain Gems gift certificate (and then some)! That was a lot of fun, but there are still many more beads I would love to buy and several that I'd like a lot more of!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

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