Saturday, March 21, 2009

When Dogs Get Scared

Our 85-pound Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog. She is sweet and lovable and patient, but she has two things that make her freak out. One is the vacuum. She hates the sound of it and will run upstairs when I pull it out to clean the floor. The other is the high-pitched beep of the smoke detector when the battery is getting low. Her favorite place to hide when this occurs is under the desk in my oldest daughter's bedroom.

That being said, last night while we were out to dinner, the smoke detector started beeping to signal that the battery needed changing. It must have started shortly after we left and Sadie started freaking out. She wanted in Lindsay's room badly and the door was securely latched, so this is what she did....

And yes, that is blood. She was biting at the door too, trying to break through. Poor baby!!

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